The Joyful Perfomance Coach.


Find Your Joy.

The best work is done by people full of meaning and purpose. 

Who are able to love what they do. 

Who understand that high performance comes from joy. 

I'm here to help you find JOY.


And I can't wait. 

With love,

Sam Pearce

"It was really inspiring working with someone who lives the philosophies they coach."



Invest in possibility.

The most powerful way to improve performance is through one to one coaching.


Coaching creates the best possible future for any individual by helping them unlock their deepest potential and achieve the absolute highest levels of performance.


We can either focus on the leaders in your organisation, or create a broader programme that looks to elevate stars of any level.


Each relationship is unique, and we focus on opening the individual up to what is possible, helping them step into what makes them powerful, and focus on how they can perform at the highest possible level.


It’s the most powerful tool in the development arsenal. And it delivers truly phenomenal results.


Invest in coaching and watch your stars fly.

My coaching fees range from £5k to £20k, and range between 6 months and a year. I take on both individual and corporate clients, and can run a coaching programme for your business. 

The results are priceless.

"The coaching programme shows to the agency that we are serious about investing in the personal development of everyone and not just our leadership team.

The leadership team love it; they can offer one to one tailored support to their star players at all levels."




Lasting change for your team.

Change happens when a group of people come together and commit to a new path.

When mindsets shift, and action is taken, then the way we work together is completely transformed.

Every session I run is designed to create this change. By the end of the session, the world won't look the same. It'll be completely possible in a completely new way.

The workshops I run include:

  • Busy Isn't Working

  • Decision Making Under Pressure

  • Once Upon a Time... (Storytelling)

  • Just Managing

  • Empowering Decision Makers

  • Preparing to Wing It (Improvisation)

Full details can be found in the brochure below.

Workshop fees range from £2k to £5k.

“Probably the best workshop I've done. Sam was really relatable
and engaging and I feel like I took a lot from the experience”




A moment to change a world.

Talks are an incredible way to inspire and fire up your entire company or team.


I use all my skills for improvisation, acting and coaching to make sure any talk I give is sure to get people engaged and ready to change.


The talk list updates all the time, and I can provide with with the updated version, but here are a few examples to inspire you:

My Talks Include:

  • Busy Isn't Working

  • The Magic of Self-Compassion

  • The Secret to Personal Growth

  • Getting in the Habit

  • Grow Your Confidence

  • 'Judgement' Day

  • Better Boundaries

  • Why Deep Work Works

  • Saying No To People Pleasing

“I have yet to come across anyone who has had the same impact.”


Talk fees range between £1k and £2.5k



My clients on the success they have found from our work.

"To find a safe place to talk in a crazy day is always difficult. To make the time to engage in these moments is always seemingly stressful.This is how I began my time before Sam.

Once I started in sessions with Sam, I came to relish the brief time we had. They became my precious moments that I would guard in my diary. They helped me think and grow. Not just to tackle specific challenges by providing a different perspective but also encouraging/forcing me to go deep to understand the surface.

Sam’s open nature, structure and flexibility to each session meant we could pivot to the tune of the day.
I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and always took away valuable learnings."



To be honest, I started the experience with some cynicism and caution. However, though our 1 to 1 coaching sessions, we began to break down this cynicism and how this could hold me back from living my best life. Sam lead 1 to 1 session ready to guide and gently nudge me as I would unravel my current thoughts and concerns. I would always end these conversations with a much healthier and more in-depth understanding of what might have been on my mind and what I must do to improve. With Sam's help, I have become a much more thoughtful, considerate and efficient leader but more than that he has helped (especially in this challenging year) me live a better life."



James O.png

"After having a major wobble during a particularly intense period of work, I was referred to Sam. Although I had never experienced any professional or personal coaching before, any natural cynicism faded within about a minute and I loved our sessions from the start. Sam is easy to talk to, even when he’s asking the difficult questions, and I tell him feelings I probably don’t even tell my family. He’s helped me to cope and lead more calmly, without getting overwhelmed by stress or emotion. And just the process of taking some time out to focus on me leaves me feeling stronger and far more in control. Thank you!"




"Sam always brings a fresh insight and perspective and he offers the right level of support and challenge to push boundaries and encourage me to reframe my thinking.

In doing so, he has helped me to recognise my strengths, identify derailing patterns of behaviour and rekindled my desire to learn and grow. It has inspired me to start making the change in my outlook that I feel I have been needing for some time."



"In the busyness of an advertising workday, I found so much value in my sessions with Sam, who provided the space for me to slow down, reflect, and talk through some of the challenges I’d been facing that I felt I didn’t have time to address. Each session was tailored to what I needed that day. Some times we sat in silence, while he held the space for me to drop into a calmer state of being. Other sessions were very practical in terms of mapping out how I would approach a particular situation. Throughout all our sessions, Sam shared his gift of active listening, of relating his own experiences, and of helping me to look at situations from a fresh perspective, creating more space, awareness and acceptance. A unique blend of empathy, action and challenging with love, I felt that I grew both personally and professionally through my time with Sam. Would definitely recommend him to others! Thank you Sam!"



"Sam’s insightful and considered coaching has opened up new perspectives for me that haven’t just influenced how I present myself in work environments, but how I conceptualise myself in many different spaces. He never shied away from being direct and calling me out when it was needed, or knowing when best for us to build to a conclusion together. From specific actions I can take, to opening different mindsets for me to explore, Sam’s ability to tailor his coaching to my own needs meant every session I came away with something to act on or think about. I’ve felt the benefits from his support and I hope others can as well."



"I loved working with Sam and found our coaching sessions enlightening. Sam knows when to push you a bit more and when to challenge you, or when to remind you to be kind and accepting of yourself and give yourself some credit and space. He also manages to find this great and difficult balance between digging deep, asking questions and discussing rather existential issues and being hands on - giving you homework, asking you to commit to a certain new habit, try out a new routine, etc. He adapts to the situation and to you and always asks what you need and what works best for you. I also really appreciate the notes of the session he always shared with me after each session, a great way to be able to go back to what we discussed and reflect on it.

Thank you so much Sam, you've been so helpful and I've learnt so much about myself in our sessions."




"My sessions with Sam have been great, good fun and he has helped me to identify features of my work persona which may be negatively impacting my confidence in the workplace. He has given me proactive suggestions to help address and develop these features which have been easy to implement and resulted in improvements in my confidence."


"I’ve been working with Sam one-to-one for the last few months. In that time I have noticed that I’m spending more time on the goals that truly matter to me, both professionally and personally, and I have increased focus on what those goals are. He is a great listener and by asking the right questions has the ability to guide you to the heart of the matter whilst challenging the unconscious thoughts and assumptions that hold us all back.  I have been able to bring some of the insights gleaned back to my team and it has informed how I coach them to reach their goals, I believe making me a better leader."



"This experience helped me realise the potential/ ability that was already in me.

Whenever Sam asked “what would you like to create”, I drew from my experiences, and learned how to apply my strengths (and opportunities & weaknesses) to the challenges.

When starting these sessions, I approach them through the goal of shifting from ‘leading’ to ‘leader’. And Sam helped me uncover what it takes to become a leader.


I will commit to approaching everything with love and without judgement.



"We've been working with Sam for a few months now and it's been a pleasure! Sam listened to our needs as a business and was able to write and run a workshop 'Putting Your Best Self Forward' that was specific to the cohort of learners we wanted to support. But don't just go by word, both workshops we've ran so far have scored 100% when asked if they'd refer a friend."


"Sam ran a wonderful interactive workshop where people were unafraid to contribute and share their own experiences - a testament to his ability to draw people out without fear of embarrassment or repercussions. We would highly recommend him.”


"Sam’s boundless energy and natural flair for storytelling make him an engaging and inspiring trainer. His recent training got 10/10 feedback from attendees who left feeling enthused, more confident and more resilient to the highs and lows of agency life.”