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Hello! I'm Sam,
the founder of
Train of Thought.

The modern working world has tight timelines and high pressure. The result is often high levels of stress and lower levels of productivity.

We help people work fearlessly. We use the latest research on psychological safety combined with techniques from improvisation and mindfulness to find better ways of working.

The benefits are less stress, more productivity, and more engagement.

We’d like to help your business and your people thrive, so please do get in touch and we can find a time to meet.



Decision Making Under Pressure

As your days get busier, you can reduce the feeling of pressure, free your mind and give yourself the head space to make better decisions and solve problems more easily.

Presenting Yourself

Using skills from improvisation and mindfullness, we can unearth our confidence to put our best selves forward in any situation.

Just Managing

Through working out what kind of manager you aspire to be and reflecting on your own experience, you can reduce stress and improve team performance.

Busy Isn't Working

We're busier and busier, but that doesn' t mean more is getting done. By approaching how we work and use out time, we can do less to do more.

Empowering Decision Makers

How do you build a team of decision makers in less time and under greater pressure? By building an environment in which they can flourish.


How do you build a less stressful workplace? We can help. We can work with you to change the way you work to help your people and your productivity.

Our Clients


Client Feedback

“Sam delivered a session for us on recognising our stress triggers early to help us manage them better, gain perspective and thrive at work.  He took what can be a difficult, very personal subject and ran a wonderful interactive workshop where people were unafraid to contribute and share their own experiences to help the wider group - a testament to his ability to draw people out without fear of embarrassment or repercussions.  We would highly recommend him.”

 - Sara Assumani, Professional Development Executive

Participant Feedback

“I felt totally overwhelmed and questioned whether I was even any good… but after your session I feel completely re-energised.”

“Generally thought it was a brilliant training, so refreshing to have a younger, funny, relaxed trainer who made the session feel very personal. Sam made it really fun and therefore more memorable.”

“Each aspect of the training was very useful. For me,
I struggle with responding to issues/colleagues/managers/clients on the spot, so the improv activities were hugely beneficial
and great practice.”

“Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the workshops last week, they were really insightful and helpful! You really have the skills to motivate and educate people in an inspiring way - please keep on doing what you're doing! Thanks!”

“It was a lot of fun and really informative. Sam would explain
the theories and chat through a topic and then we would put it
into practice with fun interactive activities/games. It was a clever way of demonstrating it. Also the handout he shared is great, as he has tailored it to incorporate jokes we had on the course.”


“Best training I've had.”

“Sam's real world experience from adland gave the workshop a tangibility that is often so hard to get from these kinds of sessions. Typically, someone leading this kind of training can come across as lofty and seem detached from reality. Sam brings understanding and perspective. His combination of industry knowledge, relentless enthusiasm and genuine empathy made me feel comfortable about opening up. More surprisingly though, it made me feel comfortable in a situation where I was doing improv – something I'd typically hate!”

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