I’m a coach, and the founder of Train of Thought. I help people to find greater joy, success and love by working and living fearlessly. 

Before becoming a coach, I worked in advertising at some amazing agencies, including Mother and adam&eveddb. There were some brilliant and exciting times, and I threw myself into it with everything I had. There aren’t many limits in advertising, especially at that time, and with that came long hours, late nights and working weekends. Whilst I thought I was doing well and doing what I needed to to get further up the ladder and become more successful, I was burning myself out and avoiding really being present in my life. All the work was a distraction from feeling insecure, uncertain and low in confidence. And when I looked around at the people I was working with, I felt there were so many people who felt the same. I was in pain, and so were they, and it was holding us all back from being our best selves. I was afraid of who I was. 

This realisation sent me on a journey that completely changed my life. For the first time, I really looked inwards, at all the emotions and thoughts that I was avoiding. I began meditating, got back into acting, took up improvisation and was just reading and reading. Bit by bit, I began to see that there was a whole new way of being right there if I wanted it. That if I could really connect with who I am, who I want to be, and what was happening inside of me than there would be so much more that I could achieve.

I took the first steps on this path whilst still working in advertising, and was shocked to see an enormous effect. I felt freer, more confident and more able. No longer just looking to prove that I was worthwhile, I had the headspace to be more creative, work better with other people and to grow and learn more. I felt more human, more empathetic and more compassionate. I realised that the route to everything I wanted was through this new way of being; that I didn’t need to be afraid any more. 

So I set out to grow this new way of being, and see how it could serve others. I began by writing workshops on how improv skills can help people in stressful workplaces (they really can), and began work with my first, incredible, coach John. As I grew, my business grew. My success in life and in work were related to by ability to no longer be afraid of my thoughts, emotions and sense of self. Instead, by letting them be free, I was able to achieve so much more, for myself and others. 

We are human beings, and with all the laughter, joy and excitement comes pain, uncertainty and fear. We are a balance of all these forces; I certainly am. What we focus on is what grows The way we are able to relate to ourselves determines the lives we lead. The story we become is written by us. 

I’m Sam, I’m a coach and workshop trainer. I am also a fiancé, painter, and improviser; I co-developed and performed in the Ed Fringe sell-out Choose Your Own Improv. I am here to serve you and your people in whatever way I can.

I can’t wait to work with you. 

Hi, I'm Sam