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A world of change and the Age of Response

We live in the Age of Response.

Think about the following for any given day:

How often do you check your phone?

How long do you spend on your phone?

How much time do you spend on emails?

The average person:

Checks their phone between 75-150 times a day.

Spends 2.5 hours purely on emails a day

Is on their phone for 5 hours, around a third of the time spent awake.

We drifted into this. It was a slippery slope. We didn’t one day decide this was the way it was going to be.

Think back 5-10 years. Now what was that like. Not like this. Life’s changed fast, almost unnoticed, both inside and outside of work.

Think of your normal life now. And how much you need to give. Buy something online and fill in 10-20 boxes of information. Flick through Instagram and take in hundreds of images. Open Spotify and choose from all the music ever made.

These are the new normal. What did they replace? Taking an item to the shop counter and being asked for some cash. Opening the newspaper and flicking through. Browsing a CD collection.

Much less was asked of us. We deal with so much more. And it’s overwhelming.

How do we feel about what is demanded from us? What are the best ways to cope with so much information and so many choices? What does control look like when the entire world can reach you through your pocket?

A heap of new questions. We’ve only begun to answer them. We’ve only just begun to realise they are questions at all.

We live in the Age of Response. And it demands a response.

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