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Advertising has a people problem

I recently spoke to someone in the advertising industry. It was the end of the week. And this person looked tired. They seemed worn out. 

They told me they dreaded the thought of working in the industry for longer than a year or two more.

They then asked what my business was. When I told them about how much I love delivering workshops, they said it was brilliant I had found something I’m passionate about.

And that as soon as they had found theirs, they would quit.

Advertising used to be one of the most sought after careers. Is that true any more?

At its best, it's one of the most exciting career paths your can choose. It’s an industry entirely built off energy and creativity.

But how can these survive the weight of emails, meetings and social media posts?

There’s so much to deliver. All the time. In structures that weren’t built for speed.

The cost is human. And word is spreading. Is advertising sought after in the same way? Will it be in 5 years?

Energy and creativity come from people. People who believe in themselves and their abilities, with little stress and little reason to doubt.

The industry needs brilliant people. And it needs them to feel brilliant.

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