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I was terrified to put this blog live

Starting a ‘blog’ seems to be one of the mandatory steps when starting a new business.

I was terrified to put it live.

I like writing, if it’s short. I like words. I get a kick out of putting my thought onto paper and seeing if I can shape them into sense.

I snuck the other posts up. I didn’t promote it or tell anyone. I didn’t even tell my Mum. Sorry Mum.

‘What if’s’ abound. I don’t want to look stupid. I don’t want people to think my writing is bad. I don’t want to say something that could harm the business.

I don't want to look stupid.

I was terrified to put it live.

And that’s fine. I put it live anyway.

We’re ruled by fear most of the time. It keeps us from realising our potential and doing what we love.

The only solution I’ve come to is to be terrified. And just put it live anyway.

It's only fear.

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