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The Sound of Success: Part 1

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

I’ve always been one for how things sound to other people.

Now advertising sounds very exciting. And thanks to Mad Men, when I graduated from university it was the talk of the town.

My dream of being an actor had died in the face of the cost of drama school. And for my 21 year old self, the feel of a corporate tie round the neck just chafed.

So a mix of creativity with a steady salary? Sign me up. Especially if there is a beer trolley.

I had many incredible times in adland. I also had plenty of bleak ones. Yet so committed was I to my rise to the top, I never stopped to think:

‘Is this what you actually want to do?’

Here I mean the day to day. Literally, the things I was doing each day.

In all my time in advertising, I continued to always judge where I was based on the sound. I wanted to work at agencies that won awards. I wanted to work on accounts that made people jealous. I wanted the job title that made people respectful. It was all about what everyone else thought, and not about what I thought.

If I used sound as my yardstick, my career trajectory was a success.

Because I didn’t feel good. I was anxious. I was stressed. I wasn’t happy.

My world had revolved around the sound of things. So much so, I’d blocked out how I felt. But my body was fighting back.

And that fight was becoming louder and louder. Soon, I would have to listen to it.

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