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“Sam has an infectious energy which gives him an immediate connection with his course participants.  He is ceaselessly interactive both in the way his training material is built, and in his delivery style.”

Nigel Beard, Head of L&D


“Sam ran a wonderful interactive workshop where people were unafraid to contribute and share their own experiences - a testament to his ability to draw people out without fear of embarrassment or repercussions. We would highly recommend him.”

Sara Assumani, Professional Dev Exec


“We've been working with Sam for a few months now and it's been a pleasure! Sam listened to our needs as a business and was able to write and run a workshop 'Putting Your Best Self Forward' that was specific to the cohort of learners we wanted to support. But don't just go by word, both workshops we've ran so far have scored 100% when asked if they'd refer a friend.”

Hannah Francis, Talent Development Manager


"Sam ran a truly insightful session for us as part of our Learning at Work Week schedule this year. Sam was able to build rapport with the group almost immediately and has a very authentic facilitation and delivery style. On a personal level, as a delegate, it felt less like a ‘training session’ and more like a meaningful conversation amongst peers. A great workshop!”

Simon Devereux, Group Head of L&D,


“Sam’s boundless energy and natural flair for storytelling make him an engaging and inspiring trainer. His recent training got 10/10 feedback from attendees who left feeling enthused, more confident and more resilient to the highs and lows of agency life.”

Sinead Gray, Managing Partner


“We recently ran a session with Sam - he has a fantastic ability to bring the content to life and to make it really relevant for people, he kept the energy high throughout the day and even got some of our real sceptics not only taking part in but enjoying the improv elements of the training. He also managed the diversity of roles and seniority levels we had in the room really well; we all really learnt a lot.”

Lizzy Barker, Senior HR Lead


What Clients Say

“Best training I've had.” 



“Generally thought it was a brilliant training, so refreshing to have a younger, funny, relaxed trainer who made the session feel very personal. Sam made it really fun and therefore more memorable.”


“Sam was fantastic! It would be great to have more workshops with him” 

“Each aspect of the training was very useful. For me, I struggle with responding to issues/ colleagues/ managers/ clients on the spot, so the improv activities were hugely beneficial and great practice.”


 “I felt totally overwhelmed and questioned whether I was even any good… but after your session I feel completely re-energised.”


“'Probably the best workshop I've done. Sam was really relatable and engaging and I feel like I took a lot from the experience”

Various Workshop Participants

"I’ve been working with Sam one-to-one for the last few months. In that time I have noticed that I’m spending more time on the goals that truly matter to me, both professionally and personally, and I have increased focus on what those goals are. He is a great listener and by asking the right questions has the ability to guide you to the heart of the matter whilst challenging the unconscious thoughts and assumptions that hold us all back. He is always ready to jump in with structure and insights from his experience in the world of advertising and his knowledge and experience as a trainer. I have been able to bring some of the insights gleaned back to my team and it has informed how I coach them to reach their goals, I believe making me a better leader. "

Charlotte, Finance Director

"I started working with Sam after requesting some training from my company to support me with my new people management responsibilities. I suffered from self-doubt and was looking for guidance on how to better handle situations I found myself in. Sam was absolutely brilliant at getting me talking about the things that were holding me back and freeing me from those anxieties. I am now conscious of the power I have to choose how my decisions will affect my life. The thought processes Sam has introduced have completely changed the way I go about my work. I am more confident and feel myself in total control of how I want my life to progress. Sam is so easy to talk to and has an amazing ability to focus in on advice that will really make a difference to the way you think and act. I have hugely benefitted from our sessions and would really recommend Sam to anyone seeking professional coaching."

Persad, IT Director

"After having a major wobble during a particularly intense period of work, I was referred to Sam. Although I had never experienced any professional or personal coaching before, any natural cynicism faded within about a minute and I loved our sessions from the start. Sam is easy to talk to, even when he’s asking the difficult questions, and I tell him feelings I probably don’t even tell my family. He’s helped me to cope and lead more calmly, without getting overwhelmed by stress or emotion. And just the process of taking some time out to focus on me leaves me feeling stronger and far more in control. Thank you!"

Jo, Creative Director

"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Sam. The start of our work together happened to coincide with one of the biggest shifts in working life and culture during the global pandemic - and Sam's open, positive and energetic attitude has been a very reassuring and enlightening presence in this challenging time. 


Sam always brings a fresh insight and perspective and - coupled with his industry background - he offers the right level of support and challenge to push boundaries and encourage me to reframe my thinking. 


In doing so, he has helped me to recognise my strengths, identify derailing patterns of behaviour and rekindled my desire to learn and grow. It has inspired me to start making the change in my outlook that I feel I have been needing for some time. 


I look forward to continuing our work together."

Laura, Business Affairs Director