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Decision Making Under Pressure

Course Length: 1 Day

No. of attendees: 8

No one wants to feel stressed.

Yet our days are getting busier. Technology demands more and more of us. ‘Too much to do’ has become the default. We’re running on autopilot.
With the right tools, you can put yourself back in control. By pulling yourself into the moment, and learning to deal with what’s right in front of you, you can reduce the feeling of pressure, free your mind and give yourself the head space to make better decisions and solve problems more easily.
Grounded in the art of improvisation, and built for the modern working world, ‘Decision Making Under Pressure’ explores the mindset and skills that allow you to put stress aside and thrive in the moment.

Be productive, not busy

Emails fly in, meetings dominate the calendar, and we’re feeling under pressure. We’re all busier and busier. It feels like this is the new way of working, and that we just need to put up with it. We don’t.

The way we work has changed. Technology has opened new possibilities, and brought a whole host of new challenges with it. It’s never been as easy to look busy, and never been so difficult to get things done.

Using the latest research, ‘Busy Isn’t Working’ helps you to understand how the way you work affects your productivity and health. It gives tangible ways of freeing yourself from feelings of pressure, and helps build a less stressful and more productive way or working

Busy Isn't


Course Length: 1 Day

No. of attendees: 8



Course Length: 1 Day

No. of attendees: 8

It starts with confidence in yourself

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the boardroom, company meeting or just with a boss, we are always presenting ourselves, and it can cause a great deal of nerves and stress. 


The key to being confident in front of others is to be confident in ourselves. By understanding ourselves, and developing a style true to who we are, we can find an ease to any situation. 


Using skills and thinking from acting and improvisation, but adapted for the workplace, ‘Presenting Yourself’ helps build the skills that allow you to be comfortable in front of others, wherever you are, in a way that is natural, comfortable and powerful. 

Why is managing stressful?

When we are first given someone to manage, we think it’s the answer to our prayers; someone to share the workload and ease the burden.
But managing someone is a lot of work. They sometimes make mistakes, don’t always know what to do, and are often looking to you for answers and help. You end up wishing you could just do it yourself.

Yet no one was a brilliant manager from the start. We need to learn new skills, and new ways of thinking.
‘Just Managing’ helps take the stress out of management. It combines self-awareness, emotional intelligence and a set of approaches and tools to get the best from yourself and your team, building stronger relationships and getting more done.



Course Length: 1 Day

No. of attendees: 8

Empowering Decision Makers

Course Length: 2 Days

No. of attendees: 8

You need a team that makes decisions.

We’re all under greater time pressure. The to-do list is getting longer, and you can’t be everywhere at once. You need your team to make the right calls - without you always being involved.


How do build a team that will make decisions? The teams you manage may not have your experience, know-how or confidence, so they need an environment where their decision making is rewarded and will flourish.  


By reflecting on your own approach to decision making and management, ‘Empowering Decision Makers’ helps you build a team of doers and deciders; a team that will get things done, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

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